“A smile in a poor man’s face reflects the glory of God” – Amen. A passion and call for this ministry to be a blessing for the poor. According to Deuteronomy 14:29 – “And the Levite, (because he hath no part nor inheritance with thee,) and the stranger, and the fatherless, and the widow, which are within thy gates, shall come, and shall eat and be satisfied; that the LORD thy God may bless thee in all the work of thine hand which thou doest.

God spoke to us to feed the poor and widows. In the year 2004, we started to reach the poor and by His grace we have started 31 homes to feed around 350 people every day.

You can support one feeding centre by giving Rs.6000/- per month, otherwise Rs.750/- to help one person.

  • Aarani Feeding Center:

    Aarani feeding center is situated in Trivanamalai district in vellore taluk, it is considered to be the most backward taluk.
    Our feeding center is established in Sirumoor Village. Kindly pray and support for the same.

  • Chengalpet Feeding Center:

    Chengalpet feeding Center is situated in Kanchipuram district. It is considered to the highly populated Taluk.
    Our feeding center is establibed in the outskirts of Chengalpet, MGR nagar. Kindly pray for this feeding center and the for the people who are fed everyday.

  • Madurai Feeding center:

    Madurai is considered to be the biggest district in Tamil Nadu, It is also known as Temple City in Southern part of India. We Have collected street side beggars and feeding them in a place called Vandiyur. Which is continuously assisted by our Prayer warriors.
  • Tambaram Feeding Center:

    It is mostly filled with people, who are ripped of with basic amenities. This place is in Chennai which is the capital of Tamil Nadu(state) in India.God has equally raised powerful Ministers of God to raise God’s Kingdom.
  • Kattankulathur Feeding Center:

    It is considered to be the small taluk in Kanchipuram District. Where we were able to locate many destitute and old people on street. We are feeding them every day and most of the beneficiaries are physically challenged. Kindly pray for the suffering people and support the needful.
  • Sandhaiyur Feeding Center:

    It is a small village in Sattur taluk, Virudhunagar district. There are less then 150 houses and this village holds mentally challenged people.
  • Seemanoothu Feeding Center:

    It is located in Usalampatti taluk, Madurai district. Here in this place most of the people lead their life by eating rats. Kindly pray for the people who are being fed everyday.
  • Chinnakamanpatti Feeding Center:

    Chinnakamanpatti is located in virudhunagar district, sattur taluk. In this village many old people with incurable diseases are fed everyday with the support of the localities. kindly support this village with your prayers.
  • Tambaram Irumbuliyur Feeding Center:

    Irumbiliyur is located in Kancipuram district, postal talk in tambaram. This feeding center was started with lots of oppositions and many old people are blessedly fed everyday. Kindly uphold this centering your efficient prayer.
  • O Mettupatti:

    This O Mettupatti is known as othaiyal mettupatti.

    • O.mettupatti is a Village in Sattur Taluk in Virudhunagar District of Tamil Nadu State, India
    • It is located 28 KM towards South from District head quarters Virudhunagar.

    This feeding center was started with huge burden for the old people, widows and destitues on street. It was started with the minimal cooperation with the localities, and people who raised against this feeding center are the believers of Church of Jesus Chirst. kindly lend your knees for this center.

  • Pudhuchurangudi Feeding Center:

    Puruchurangudi is located in Virudhunagar district, Sattur taluk. Few Dedicated missionaries from this village is gifted to us from Lord Almighty.Plead God to bless this village according to the following verse Job 29:12.
  • Pudhupatti:

    Pudupatti is a village located in southern part of Tamil Nadu, India down south of India in Tamil Nadu state. It is located 20KM away from the district capital Virudhunagar. Let’s pray that the people should taste the fulness of salvation.
  • Vaiyoor Feeding Center:

    Vaiyoor is a village located next to pudupatti in the district Virudhunagar.Pray for theEternal salvation for the youths in the village.May the Lord bless the village according to the verse Psalms 72:4,5.
  • Valasaravakkam Feeding center:

    Valasaravakkam is a municipality in the Chennai district of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and a residential suburb of the city of Chennai. Our Prayer center is located in valasaravakkam, where many people come and receive the mighty miracles from God, here nearly 15 people are fed twice a day on the daily basis. Hosanna Tv office is also being established in this location.Kindly pray for the further establishment of this prayer center and lend your knees to pray for our Nation. May the bless this prayer center with his promising verse from Proverbs 28:27.
  • Villivakkam Feeding Center:

    Villivakkam is a place located in Chennai, Tamil nadu. It is a residential area known for famous temples.Pray for God to open mighty doors in this place and all the people to accept God as their Savior. May the Lord bless the poor people according to the following Verse psalms 72:4,5.
  • Vallipuram Feeding center:

    Vallipuram is located in Kanchipuram district.Vallipuram means ‘City of Water’ or ‘City of River.Plead God to bless this place, and God to help us out to reach every single poor people on roads. May the God bless this place according to the Verse Psalms 68:12.
  • Perambakkam Feeding Center:

    Perambakkam is a suburb of Chennai located in Trivallur District in the Indian State of Tamil Nadu. It is a census town in Trivallur Taluk. Pray for all the barriers to be broken in this place and God to extend his merciful hands upon the poor people in this location. May the Lord open the heart of people to support for this center according to the verse Psalms 82:3.
  • Krishnagiri Feeding Center:

    Krishnagiri is a municipality town and administrative headquarters of Krishnagiri District in the Indian State of Tamil Nadu. Lets pray to God and ask power to establish many feeding centers in this district and reach our hands unto more poor and needy people.May the God bless the people who extends for poor according to the Verse Proverbs 28:27.
  • VOC Nagar Chengalpet Feeding center:

    Chengalpattu, formerly known as Chingleput, is located on the GST Road and southwest of Kanchipuram in Kanchipuram district, Tamil Nadu India.We would like to thank God for opening mighty door in this town and God has gifted with dedicated workers. kindly Pray for the Lord to continue his showers on the old people.
  • Ozhalur:

    Ozhalur is located in Chengelpattu, Kanchipuram District, Tamil Nadu India.We Have collected street side beggars and feeding them in this place. kindly plead God to bless this Ministries among the poor and exalt the name of the Lord.
  • Errukuvey Feeding Center:

    Errukuvey is located in Kumadipoondi taluk in Arani post. Kindly Pray and Support this center with necessary help.
  • Uluthur Feeding Center:

    Uluthur is located in Chidambaram block, Cuddalore district, Tamil Nadu State India.More than 15 old people are fed daily by the Grace of God in this location.Kindly pray for the people among the localities and God to support them with proper Guidance. May the Lord bless the people according to the verse Psalms 132:15.
  • Sebathiyapuram Feeding Center:

    This is located in Tuticorin District, in the same taluk. Everyday more than 15 people are fed in this center. People receive abundance of blessing with regard to this center, Kindly continue to Pray for this center and extend your hands to build the Kingdom of God. My the Lord bless all the old people with the following verse Jeremiah 22:3,4.
  • Thenpattinam Feeding Center:

    Thenpattinam is located in Kanchipuram district, Lathur Taluk Tamil Nadu India, Where more than 17 people are fed daily and receive mighty blessings from God. Pray for the Complete Salvation of all the localities in this Area and to accept Christ as their Only Saviour. May the Lord bless this village according to his Promising Verse Luke 19:9.
  • Vavuniya Feeding Center:

    Vavuniya District is one of the 25 Districtsof Sri Lanka, the second level administrative division of the country. The Capital of the district is the city of Vavuniya. We Praise God for opening doors beyond our Nation. Lets thank God the Feeding Center and ask God’s help to establish among all districts of the Nation. Kindly pray for the poor, widows on street. For God to reign over the Nation.
  • Pinnalur Feeding Center:

    Pinnalur is located in Chidambaram, Cuddalore district, Here in this village many Families are fed. Pray for the Salvation of Youths in this locality to raise the Kingdom and build the Kingdom of God. My the Lord Bless all the people of pinnalur according to this verse Job 29:13.
  • Panjaliyur Feeding Center:

    Panjaliyur is located in Krishnagiri District. This village holds many old people who are filled with the burden of our Holy Spirit. Kindly Bless and Pray for the people in this village. May the Lord fulfill all the desires according to the Verse Psalms 68:10
  • Pandur Feeding center:

    Pandur is located in Ralakulam village Sathyaveedu district. Many tribal people have their habitat on this village, where the survive by eating Rats located in Andra Pradesh. This center also enables many children to seek our Lord. Pray for the people in this center to be a great blessing for many others in their locality. Extend your prayerful knees for this Pandur Feeding Center.
  • Kunnathur Feeding Center:

    Kunnathur is a Panchayat town in Thiruvanamalai district in the Indian State of Tamil Nadu. It was previously under the jurisdiction of theErode District. Pray for the abundance Blessing to be poured on this Feeding Center. May the Lord Bless all the people who are fed according to this Verse Proverbs 19:17.
  • Kamatchipuram Feeding Center, Theni District, Tamil Nadu, India

    This feeding center was started on 2017 september. This village is founded in theni district, tamil nadu, south india. We were able to identify many widows and destitutus who were deprived of their basic needs. Everyday almost 12 to 15 women folks are fed and their prayers are of great encouragement to us.

  • Kenduguda Feeding Center, Nabarangpur District, Orissa





          Kenduguda is a remote village found in nabarangpur district. This village is filled with porja & bhatra tribes for past many years our missionary works is going on in this village and many have come to learn the lord and accept him as a personal savior. God inspired us to feeding centers in this village to make us a blessing. For few backward tribal women who are been neglected from this unfaithful society.


    By grace of God, we have started a new feeding programme in village name Kollikuda in Nagarampur district in orissa. 10 Tribal womens are collecting monthly rations from our Field worker Bro Ramuel.

    Every week we are conducting a fellowship service where all the tribal womens come as family and be blessed.